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Construction Begins On George Gauthier Track

June, 2006

[ Selby Field ]DELAWARE, OHIO --
Work on the Selby Field portion of the Remembering Mr. Rickey campaign moved into a new area last week when workers commenced tearing out the 20-year-old George Gauthier Track.

In what seemed like no time at all, the Polytan track surface was removed and the top layer of the track's asphalt base was ground off.

"That track held up well, considering its age, the volume of use and degree of wear, but it was a deteriorating surface," said Ohio Wesleyan track & field coach Kris Boey. "The new track should give us a good combination of durability and a functional track on which to compete and train."

The new surface will be a rubber-polyurethane mix. The track itself will be composed of Ameritan FP, which is a poured-in-place, two-component system with an imbedded topcoat. This surface will provide more texture and more grip for runners, said Boey. "It's an all-purpose track that will fit distance runners and sprinters alike. It will be a better practice facility with more shock absorption. It's a good balance of a fast surface and a forgiving surface."

The field event areas will be composed of Ameritan S, a sandwich-style, paved-in-place surface. The pole vault will now be contested at the north end of the facility (the flagpole end) and there will be two runways, allowing both the men's and women's events to be run simultaneously. The high jump will move from the north end to the south end of the facility (the scoreboard end). The discus and the shot put will be contested in the same spots as today, while the javelin will move to the field off Hayes Street where the hammer is currently contested.

New construction includes a second shot put area at the northeast corner, essentially a mirror image of the existing shot put venue at Selby's southeast corner.

Another new venue is the jump pits and runways which are being built outside the east grandstand of Selby (the visitors side). There will be pits on both the north and south ends, and two runways which not only will allow jumping events to be run with the wind but also could allow for simultaneous competition. "(These new areas) will allow us to run meets more efficiently," said Boey.

The new track is scheduled to be complete by mid-September. "We hope to have the track done and striped by the first home football game (Sept. 16)," said Boey.

"We're pleased that we're getting this portion of the Remembering Mr. Rickey campaign started," said Ohio Wesleyan athletics director Roger Ingles, "but we need all of our athletics alums to contribute. All of the projects we're doing benefit our student-athletes, and there are plenty of opportunities for people to step up and get this completed."

For more information on the Remembering Mr. Rickey campaign, click here.

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